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11. Jul 20:00

Blogging is dead

Seriously. There is Twitter. Which is fast, more fun and interactive. Move on.

In other news, I got my iPhone today. Which is a story to tell.

It starts yesterday. I decided to meet with a friend to storm the “T-Punkt” (Stores of T-Online, Germany’s sole iPhone provider) at 10AM sharp on launch day, right when it opens. So I went there yesterday to find out where those stores actually are located so I would not miss our meeting point. Once there, I decided to chat a little to the sales people about the iPhone launch. And they told me, they had got some devices, all right. But, all them were reserved for people who had pre-ordered. Actually, they have got more pre-orders than devices. So there was really no chance for me to just walk into the store the next day and buy an iPhone. Hm… I had not known about pre-ordering until then.

But Gravis was said to sell iPhones as well. Which not everyone knew, apparently. So I went to the Gravis store and asked there. They would definitely get a shipment, I was told, and had not taken any pre-orders. First come, first served. So, when I told my friend about that, we decided to play a little safer and meet in front of the Gravis shop an hour before opening time.

Which is what we did today. I was there 3 minutes to 9AM and she joined me some minutes later with a hot Starbucks coffee she had bought for me. How thoughtful! We were the first and before the shop opened some more people joined us in line. When we finally entered the store we were immediately told that there they did not have any iPhones. Yet. Apparently the shipment had not yet arrived but was on its way! So they took down our data and told us they would call once the shipment arrives. We were a little disappointed at that point, to say the least. My friend insisted that they put an extra sentence on her and my pre-order print-out (or whatever it was exactly) so they would call us first when the shipment arrives, what with us having being first in line and having waited for an hour before the shop opened and everything. So they at least did this. Which was A Good Thing™ as it turns out.

I got the phone call at around 1PM. Or I would have. But I was actually in the store at that time. I was on my way to have lunch and just wanted to check on the store before that. Lucky me. The shipment had just arrived and they were installing their in-store device for everyone to look at and touch.

And here’s the kicker: The shipment apparently consisted of 6 devices. Six. (Including the one they kept in the store).

So I was a little lucky today. And I think there is no single iPhone available all over Germany at this moment. Close call at least.

Anyway. I got my iPhone. Yeah me!

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