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06. Jan 21:10

TextMate Basics Tutorial updated

I have updated the TextMate Basics Tutorial. I corrected some errors like unfinished sentences, included some new pictures and added a little up-to-date info like the “Harnessing the Power” Section.

Btw: The Basics Tutorial is also the one page that draws the most traffic to this site. Talking about stats, I use Mint to monitor the traffic here (from time to time I glance at the Apache logs, too). I can only recommend it. I was sceptical first, because it does not look at the Apache logs but requires you to include code in your pages but it works flawlessly, has a very nice GUI, is always up-to-date and there are some really cool plugins (called Peppers), like Trends. Trends and the default Referrers and Searches peppers are most useful.

Not surprising, the Browser stats:

  • 38% Safari
  • 35% Firefox
  • 9% AppleWebKit (Generic)
  • 5% Internet Explorer

Mint costs $30 per domain which is like €5 nowadays (OK, €20.3679815 says Google) and needs PHP/MySQL. is the homepage of Stanley Rost, iOS/Mac software developer and TextMate enthusiast from Berlin, Germany. I’m 31 years old and I’ve been around the web since 1998.

I’m a graduate of Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) and I’m currently self-employed after working for six years at eWerk IT GmbH. Contact me at


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